LG G-Slate: official details

T-Mobile drops details on the new tablet

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LG G-Slate
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LG G-Slate
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LG G-Slate

3D, HDMI, storage, and more

Made official at CES, the LG G-Slate’s specs have nevertheless been kept under wraps by LG and T-Mobile. Until this morning, as T-Mobile punted out a press release to US press giving the fully skinny on the tablet. And the big news is you’ll need glasses to enjoy its 8.9-inch 3D screen.

Rear-facing stereoscopic cameras capture 3D video in 1080p, but it’s not clear whether you’ll need active or passive glasses to see into the third dimension. As well as 3D video you can capture 5-megapixel stills, and use an LED flash for low light conditions.

Under the bonnet you get a 1GHz dual-core Tegra 2 processor, 32GB flash storage, a gyroscope and accelerometer. It'll run Android Honeycomb, Wi-Fi comes as standard, and it’ll have 4G for super fast download speeds. Plus an HDMI socket is on board for piping video to your TV for big screen action. T-Mobile is saying a Spring launch, but LG insists it’ll hit the US as soon as March. There’s no word on a UK launch as yet.

Source: Engadget