LG ends warm beer woes with Blast Chiller-equipped fridge

Can cool your favourite beverages in just five minutes

LG's Blast Chiller will cool a beer in five minutes or a bottle of wine in eight minutes ending the woes of warm beer or those unfortunate tinnies accidentally left in the freezer

Sometimes new tech just slaps you right in the face with the sheer obviousness of its invention. Sometimes we wonder 'why didn't this exist already?' and never more so than at the LG press conference this morning.

As members of the press filtered out following the TV and smartphone announcements and LG began to focus on it's kitchen appliances the company announced probably the coolest innovation of them all.

The LG Blast Chiller will arrive in a new range of fridge freezers. It's a special compartment which promises to cool your canned beverage of choice in five minutes and a bottle of wine (or two beers) in eight minutes.

The Blast Chiller, which sadly will only be available in a French Door, Smart fridge in the the United States, has already scooped a Best of CES 2012 innovation award and rightly so.

This news post is in memory of all of those beers we popped in the freezer to cool them off for ten minutes only to forget and return to find them exploded and ruined.