LG B: super-bright Android phone spied

Next-gen Android effort leaked

New blower comes just a day after 2X Dual-Core phone officially unveiled.

LG’s already upped its Android game this week with its new 2X Dual-Core blower, unveiled in Korea yesterday. And now another sleek new effort packing Google’s mobile OS has slipped out online.

Dubbed the LG B, its big draw is undoubtedly its super bright screen. The pic here shows it sitting between an iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S, both phones noted for their peeper-friendly panels.

But it’s not just the 4-inch screen that’s impressive. The LG B appears to be thinner than both of its aforementioned rivals, a massive achievement considering how slinky the iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S are.

There’s no word on when the LG B will break out officially. But with CES just a couple of weeks away, don’t bet against seeing it at the world’s biggest gadget show. For more, stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Via Phandroid