LG announces infared enabled Optimus Vu II

Infared QRemote app lets you control your tech from the handset

LG’s latest smartphone, the Optimus Vu II, will feature an infared sensor letting you control your tech via a universal remote app called QRemote

The handset has already been announced for the Korean market and will let you control the rest of your tech – be it a TV, hi-fi or set-top box directly from the app.

The app will be available to use from the lock screen, saving time for when you just want to channel surf, and LG has confirmed it will work with any brand of infared device.

Little else has been revealed in terms of internal specs, but we would expect to see the 5-inch screen carried over from the original LG Optimus Vu and a boost up to a quad core processor.

Release dates are still sketchy, but the Optimus Vu II should launch in Korea by mid-September. Around the same time LG is bringing an LTE-enhanced version of the original Optimus Vu to the American market.

LG has seen a dramatic shift in the quality of its top-tier phones over the last few years, but all too often new offerings from Samsung, Apple or HTC have stolen the limelight.

That doesn’t look set to change either, as the LG Optimus Vu II will undoubtedly be competing with the much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Let battle commence.

Via: Engadget