LG Android tablet incoming

New proddable panel coming by end of 2010

Device will be out by end of year, but specs remain unclear.

LG is working on an Android tablet and you’ll be able to stroke it lovingly this year. Not a fanciful rumour, but word direct from the Korean colossus.

On its official site, LG claimed that it’d have an ‘Android-based tablet PC’ ready by the last quarter of 2010, saying it would ‘be different from existing products’. How, exactly, remains unclear.

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There are no details on what LG is stuffing inside this new Android tablet, but it’s going to face plenty of stiff competition, not only from the iPad, but also Samsung’s own Galaxy Tablet, also due to drop before the year is out.

Is LG’s tablet going to be any good? And what can make it so different from its rivals? Tell us what you want from it on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Via: Engadget