Leica M9 Titanium Edition touted

Got a spare £20k? Then this one's for you

New special edition snapper aimed at gadget fans with bulging wallets.

Loaded? Love cameras? Then Leica’s got something that might take your fancy. The new Lecia M9 Titanium has just been given the official nod, and as well as packing some sleek skills, it also comes burdened with a €22,000 (£18,500) price tag.

While the standard M9 costs around €8,000, the price has been bumped here thanks to fingerprint resistant design, a leather handle and trim and LED-lit frame lines so your snaps look perfect every time.

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You get a 35mm lens thrown in too, as well as a titanium lens hood. Sure, it looks the business, and yes, it’ll set you apart from the crowd. But unless you’re a lottery winner or a banker awaiting your annual bonus, this is a gadget you can only dream of.

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Via Electronista