Latest Apple updates: WWDC News Round-up

the other top stories from Steve Jobs' WWDC keynote speech

Its not all about the iPhone 4, you know...

After plenty of hype, countless rumours and endless speculation, Steve Jobs has finally taken to the stage and given his keynotes speech at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2010.

Aside from the news most had been anticipating, the eagerly awaited announcement of the fourth generation iPhone smartphone, the Apple iPhone 4, Jobs had plenty else to talk about.

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Here are the most important Apple announcements made during Jobs’ keynotes speech, because whatever some may think, it wasn’t all about the iPhone 4. Well, not entirely anyway

iOS4 brings multitasking
As the iPad and iPhone sport the same OS the next edition is to adapt its name from iPhone OS4 to iOS4, a small change it seems but it will also include the coveted multitasking and threading for email messages. Bonus.

Advertising built into iOS4 in iAds
iAds, an advertising platform built into iOS4 will seemingly force users into being pestered relentlessly by advertisements. Although a percentage of the ad revenues go to developers to further app development, we can’t see this being popular with iPhone and iPad users. iAds will go live on July 1st.

iBook viewer updates
Updates have been made to the iPad’s eBook viewer. Notes can be added directly over the book’s text and PDF viewing is also to be added in the enhancement later this month. Oh and it is also heading on to iPhone 4 under the new OS with all the same functionality.

Netflix take movie-streaming to iPhone
Netflix is coming to the iPhone later this summer and the App won’t cost U.S. users a cent. Unfortunately the movie-streaming service doesn’t cross the ocean but a plus for our American readers nonetheless.

Farmville leaps from Facebook to iPhone
Good news for Farmville’s 70 million users. It might not be your thing or ours, but the phenomenally successfully Facebook game is coming to iPhone, best of all – “We now have withering crop push notifications.”

As much as Steve Jobs revealed in his keynote speech, there was, as always, many rumours that failed to materialise. Here are the top three Apple unveilings that we expected to hear and see alongside the Apple iPhone 4 but which once again we are left waiting for.

Mac mini gets HDMI
We predicted last week that Apple’s desktop unit the Mac mini would finally get its long overdue HDMI upgrade that would see a HD output port replacing the current DVI hook up but Jobs clearly has different plans, not even a wiff of a Mac mini upgrade crossed the WWDC stage.

Bluetooth multitouch trackpad for desktops
Images leaked this very morning of an Apple multitouch peripheral that was set to transform Mac navigation into an iPad-esq experience got us excited but failed to materialise. Fingers crossed its arrival is pending.

Safari 5 browser unleashed
Improved HTML5 support to quash Flash, Safari Reader to aggregate feeds to challenge Google Reader. An update of Apple's browser was expected to be on the way but once again we have been left disappointed and wanting what we can't have.