Lady Gaga and Polaroid team up for Grey Label goodies

Printer, camera and bizarre glasses all shown off at CES 2011

New Polaroid efforts look the part.

CES product launches are generally pretty staid affairs: men in suits, a gaggle of fanboyish hacks and a windowless room are pretty much par for the course. But Polaroid is clearly none-to-keen on this tiresome approach.

A year after the camera clan wheeled out Lady Gaga as its Creative Director, its returned with the diminutive diva in tow and brought along some stunning new products, dubbed the Grey Label Line.

Undoubtedly the coolest thing in the range is the pair of GL20 Camera Glasses, donned by Gaga herself. They rock a Polaroid snapper as well as two LCDs that cover your peepers. The Lady then took a snap of the CES crowd and printed off her handiwork on a new GL10 printer using Polaroid’s Zink printing tech.

But our favourite is definitely the GL30 camera. Its design is stunning and it’s enough to make us believe that Polaroid is finally back from the wilderness after a rocky few years.

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