Lack of Facebook could lead to withdrawal symptoms

Condition called Information Deprivation Disorder

What happens when you give up technology for 24 hours?

According to research, avoiding technology like mobile phones, internet, television and radio can lead to withdrawal symptoms akin to those experienced by drug addicts trying to beat the addiction.

An international experiment called Unplugged was conducted, in which 125 students of Bournemouth University participated as part of the UK team. Twelve universities around the world took part in this experiment, with 24 hours without technology.

Volunteers had to stay away from emails, texts, Facebook and Twitter, television, radio and newspapers for 24 hours. As a result, they began to show symptoms seen in smokers who were trying to give up.

Participants likened the experience to going cold turkey on a drug habit or going on a diet.

This condition now has a name - Information Deprivation Disorder.

The scientists conducting the experiment saw psychological as well as physical symptoms of withdrawal. Apparently, it was the lack of music that most people found the toughest to deal with.

The research was conducted by the University of Maryland's International Centre for Media and the Public Agenda.

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Via: The Telegraph