LaCie XtremKey armageddon proof USB drive launched

Video: The world's toughest USB stick revealed

USB key can withstand being run over by a 10-tonne truck.

Famed for its hard-as-nails rugged hard-drives, LaCie has moved onto the ultra-portable storage battlefield and announced the toughest USB stick of all time.

The LaCie XtremKey is waterproof to 100m, temperature resistant from minus 50 degrees centigrade to 200 degrees fahrenheit and cancan survive a drop of 16ft.

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It can also survive being run over by a 10-tonne truck, being fired and oven baked, frozen in a household freezer and battered with a hammer. It can also read data at 40Mbps and write data at 3Mbps.

The hard-drive, which ranges from 8GB capacity to 64GB, gains its hardness from a 2mm metal casing. No details on pricing yet, but it's out next month.

See it take a beating in the video below.

Link: LaCie (via Engadget)