LaCie reveals first hard drive with Thunderbolt

LaCie's Little Big Disk to have Thunderbolt support

Will the first ever Thunderbolt-capable hard drive become as essential to techies as the LBD is to fashionistas?

LaCie has announced the first ever storage device that supports the brand new Thunderbolt technology, available only on the new Apple MacBook Pros. Apart from Thunderbolt, the new MacBook Pros seem to host a variety of impressive specs.

Previously known as Light Peak, Thunderbolt is a fast peripheral I/O technology standard which possesses a 10Gbps (or 1.25GBps) speed, and can support high-resolution displays.

Running on PCI Express and DisplayPort protocols, LaCie's Little Big Disk has been created for mobile and media professionals in mind, which allows for multiple streams of HD video in minutes instead of hours without any compromises.

Data transferred between peripherals on Thunderbolt technology can reportedly be done 20 times faster than USB 2.0.

The LBD is made up of two 250GB Intel 510 series solid state drives and is enclosed in LaCie's d2 aluminum casing.

Philippe Spruch, Chairman and General Manager of LaCie said, "Thunderbolt technology is a breakthrough in I/O technology and represents the future of mobile computing. Soon you will be able to carry workstation-class power and functionality in compact devices."

The LaCie Little Big Disk has been developed by Intel and is slated to become available from summer 2011. Pricing and storage capacities are as yet unknown.

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