LA Noire Rockstar Pass unveiled

Allows access to all upcoming DLC for crime thriller.

We knew it was on the horizon thanks to the leak a few weeks back but now Rockstar has confirmed its DLC pass.

Rockstar has unveiled the Rockstar Pass, a method of pre-ordering content for LA Noire before its been released, adding to the growing number of games going down this route.

Essentially what the pass secures is access to all DLC as it appears but with a 50 per cent saving on the price of downloading each one individually, this equates to around 800MS points or £9.99. This discount will then drop to 40 per cent after a limited period.

The Rockstar Pass is one of a number of 'Passes' that game developers are offering to create structered methods of downloading DLC, while also handily making a buck or two.

This is however not to be confused with Call of Duty's Elite Pass, which also costs but will in return offer functions similar to that found in Halo: Waypoint such as statistical data and social interaction features.

Source: Techwatch