LA Noire developers Team Bondi in administration

One game in seven years not enough to keep Bondi afloat

Games developer Team Bondi goes into administration following the release of its troubled L.A. Noire game

Despite releasing one of the strongest candidates for 2011's game of the year, L.A. Noire, developers Team Bondi have today gone into administration.

L.A. Noire, the mammoth detect-em-up set in 1940's Hollywood, was released back in May to massive critical acclaim. Scoring five out of five stars in our L.A. Noire review, T3 deputy editor Matt Hill called it "Rockstar's greatest achievement yet."

But all that suspect-chasing, witness-bashing goodness came with one great, thumping caveat: L.A. Noire spent seven years in development, and was Team Bondi's only ever release.

What went wrong? Well, aside from that epic production time that would have seen L.A. Noire comfortably take the gold for Longest Game Production Period in any year that didn't include Duke Nukem Forever, Team Bondi cropped up continually in the news courtesy of grumbling staffers, continuous delays and a switch of publishers from Sony to Rockstar Games (of Grand Theft Auto fame).

There was even an anonymous Twitter account set up, allegedly by an employee with a grudge to settle. "The game has been revamped, ported, and delayed four times." He or she tweets. "Rockstar spent more than Sony in their efforts to make it not suck."

L.A. Noire continues to do good business in the UK, sitting pretty on the video games sales charts at number ten until just this week. The members of Team Bondi, meanwhile, have reportedly now gone their separate ways to other developers. Does this mean it's time to hang up our fedoras for good? Here's hoping we won't have to wait six years to find out.

Via: The Guardian