L.A. Noire website goes live

Game expected to release on May 20 2011 in Europe

A game on post-war Los Angeles is on its way

The L.A. Noire official website is now live, and the game is set to release for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in May 2011.

The crime thriller game has been developed in partnership between Rockstar Games and Team Bondi, and is set in 1947, in post-war Los Angeles.

The game uses animation technology that captures actors' in 3D and transfers that into the game, which means the gameplay feels more like you're watching a movie. In addition, this technology allows for gamers to read body language and facial expressions in order to help solve the crime.

The main character of the game is Detective Cole Phelps (played by Aaron Station, of Mad Men fame), who must solve a series of arson attacks, racketeering and murders. In order to do that, he must also face up to the underworld and members of his own department.

Gamers will have to find clues, interrogate suspects and indulge in car chases to get to the bottom of the crimes.

The official website can be found here and is starting to reveal a number of character dossiers, the first of which is Coroner Carruthers, a key contact of Detective Phelps.

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