Kodak Playfull unveiled as waterproof video recorder

Waterproof video recorder announced by Kodak ahead of winter holiday season

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Kodak Playfull
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Kodak Playfull
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Kodak Playfull
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Kodak Playfull
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Kodak Playfull

Kodak has officially outed the latest addition to its collection of portable video recorders with the new Kodak Playfull landing as a waterproof, drop proof pocketable device capable of shooting HD video

Camera specialist Kodak has announced the latest edition to its range of waterproof video cameras with the Kodak Playfull unveiled as a compact, pocket friendly holiday companion.

Capable of shooting HD video content the Kodak Playfull is to hit stores next month ahead of the upcoming winter holiday season with the compact device capable of withstanding a host of knocks, drops and being underwater to the depth of 3 metres.

“Today’s consumers are looking for products that offer worry free simplicity while meeting the needs of their active lifestyles,” said Paul Davey, Marketing Manager, Digital Capture and Accessories, Kodak. “A video camera should be easy to use, convenient to carry, and designed so you don’t worry about it regardless of where you are.”

Kodak Playfull Waterproof Specs

Lining up at just 12mm thick the Kodak Playfull boasts 720p HD video recording capabilities and can store up to 32GB via the expandable SD slot. Waterproof to up to 3 metres and drop proof to a height of 1.5 metres Kodak’s new video recorder features an inbuilt USB arm allowing for easy file transfers.

A selection of capture effects help bring content to life whilst playback is handled by a 2-inch LCD display. HDMI and AV out ports also feature on the pocket friendly device.

Kodak Playfull Waterproof Release Date and Price

With a Kodak Playfull UK release date confirmed for November 1st, the Playsport and printer manufacturer has revealed the latest addition to the Playfull family will land with a £79.99 price tag.

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