Kobo makes ereading social with Reading Life for the iPad

App to track reading history, check-in and more

Kobo aims to introduce a social element to ereading with Reading Life

Kobo looks like it's cashing in to social networking in a way by releasing Reading Life, a social eReading tool.

Reading Life enables users to track their reading history, check-in with characters inside books, and sharing places, passages from the book and more on Facebook.

Reading Life is currently only available for the Apple iPad as a free app on the iTunes store.

Mike Serbinis, Kobo CEO said, "eReading is going social, local and real-time with Kobo Reading Life, allowing us to create a fun, engaging and meaningful experience for our users."

The features of Reading Life include: the ability to share books or passages users are reading; statistics to help track how many books they've read, pages they turned, how fast they read the book and what times of the day they indulge in reading; an activity panel that shows reading milestones of the user; Check-ins where users can check-in to locations within books and share it on Facebook, for example, users can check-in to the Rabbit Hole in Alice in Wonderland on Facebook; earn awards such as The Twain (those who read daily), The Witching Hour (those who read rather late into the night) and more; a personal book cover which is a collage of all the books you've read till date.

With over 1.8 million free books, Kobo Reading Life is soon coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch as well. Watch this space.

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