Knights Of The Old Republic 2 makes it to Steam

KOTOR 2 is now finally available for download on Steam

Star Wars: The Knights Of The Old Republic has finally been made available for download purchase on Valve's online store, Steam

Obsidian's classic Star Wars RPG, The Knights Of The Old Republic 2 can now be downloaded from Steam for a paltry £6.99. Any gamers who ever played this stunning 2005 release will know that, at this price, the game's an absolute steal.

Accoring to gaming website, the game also comes patched with the The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod, which has the full endorsement of The Knights Of The Old Republic 2 lead designer, Chris Avellone. The mode gets rid of a number of bugs that were present in the shipped product and also reinstates some content that didn't ship due to the game's rushed development cycle.

The game is one of the most revered RPGs of its era, and was praised for both its depth of content and its deliberately murky moral choice mechanics. It was the sequel to the equally brilliant Star Wars: The Knights Of The Old Republic, which was developed by BioWare. The first game, incidentally is available on Steam for the same price as KOTOR 2. So, if you've nothing to do this bank holiday weekend, hours upon hours of RPG magic can be yours for roughly the same price as a pizza and a six-pack of beers.

Source: Eurogamer