Kinect for Windows set for roll out

Event set to be broadcast live online

Software development kit for Kinect for Windows set to be released later today.

Microsoft is all set to release the software development kit (SDK) for Kinect for Windows today. That’s according to WinRumors, which says the Redmond company will reveal all during a stream on the Big M’s Channel 9 website.

The news comes after Microsoft’s Spanish boss, Maria Garana, said the offering would be launching this week. It means devs will be able to get to work on apps that use the motion-controlled camera on PCs.

This could potentially revolutionise otherwise dull Powerpoint presentations, with viewers able to interact with the content on screen. No more sitting around and pretending to listen to your boss while you try not to nod off.

A countdown timer on the Channel 9 website suggests all will be revealed this evening. Stay tuned here, and to our Facebook and Twitter pages, for more details as soon as we get them.