Kinect 2 image leaked

Leaked Kinect 2 image shows high-res body and clothes tracking

An image showing Kinect 2 body tracking for the Xbox 720 has been leaked

The new image, which appears to show Kinect 2's ability to map clothes and fingers, was posted on the twitterfeed of an indivdual known only as DaE ( He tweeted the image and the accompanying caption: " Durango Kinect 2 anyone?"

The shot appears to show the new tracking abilities of the next-gen Kinect module for Mircrosoft's next gaming console. In it, the clothes and fingers of the indivuals in the shot are clearly visible. If genuine, the Kinect 2 module is streets ahead of its predecessor in terms of its depth perception.

DaE is the same individual who leaked images of the Durango Xbox 720 dev-kit last month, which were later confirmed by other games developers as genuine.

CVG had reported that leaked Xbox 720 documents indicate plans by Microsfot for Kinect 2 to exist as two separate camera sensors mounted on either side of television sets, that will enhance the module's depth perception accuracy.

Source: CVG