Kindle Paperwhite comes to the UK

Amazon reveals new Kindle Paperwhite priced at £169

Amazon is set to launch a new Kindle Paperwhite with free 3G wireless connectivity for just £169

Touted by Amazon as its most advanced e-reader ever, the Kindle Paperwhite is set for release in the UK. The new eReader boasts 25 per cent higher-contrast, 62 per cent more pixels, a patented built-in front light for reading and offers 8 weeks of battery life.

The standalone Kindle Paperwhite is priced at £109, but for users who want better connectivity, ther'es a £169 priced model that comes bundled with Wi-Fi and free 3G. Either model is available for pre-order right now at and orders will ship October 25th.

“The response to Kindle Paperwhite has been fantastic and we’re excited to bring our most advanced e-reader ever to the UK,” said Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO. “This is the Kindle we have always wanted to build, it has 62% more pixels, 25% higher contrast, built-in front light, perfect for reading in bed and on the beach, even thinner, with 8 weeks of battery life. We know that readers in the UK love reading on Kindle and we think they are going to love Kindle Paperwhite.”