Kim Dotcom starts new website

Kim Dotcom launches Mega File file-sharing service

Kim Dotcom has launched a brand new file-sharing websits, Mega File, a year after his arrest for internet piracy

You can't keep a big internet entrepreneur down, it seems - especially one who clocks in 20 stone and 6'7". Just over a year after he was arrested by authorities in New Zealand for internet piracy, Mega Upload founder Kim Dotcom has launched a brand new website called Mega File.

The new site replaces Mega Upload (, which was effectively shuttered after Dotcom's arrest last year. Like its predecessor, the site allows users to share and upload large files. However, Mega File users hold decryption keys for all data transfers on the site, meaning that Dotcom and the owners of the site can't see what's being uploaded or shared. Dotcom argues that the site can't be held responsible for the content of files uploaded to Mega File, since it can't see any the content they contain.

Mega File also offers 50 GB of cloud storage and drag-and-drop upload tools. An hour after its launch, Kim Dotcom says that the site boasted 250,000 users.

Mega File was launched in flamboyant fashion at Kim Dotcom's mansion in new Zealand, where he is currently released on bail. The launch event featured helicopters and actors dressed as police rappelling down the side of his mansion, parodying the event last year when New Zealand authorities arrested the 39-year-old web impresario on charges of internet piracy.

US authorities, who are seeking Dotcom's extradition to the USA to face a list charges including money laundering and copyright infringement, have not commented on the launch of Mega File.