Keyboard for iPhone case is just $27k away from reality

Product's designers are collecting funds in a bid to turn their idea into a reality

A new iPhone case that boasts a physical keyboard could spell the end of annoying slippery-fingered foulups - but only if enough cash is raised

Users could soon be typing away on their iPhones using a keyboard – that’s if the makers of a concept iPhone case can raise enough funds to turn their idea into a reality.

A Kickstarter project, the product’s makers have already raised close to $50,000, and are just a little over $27,000 away from raising the amount they need to roll it out to the masses.

The ‘Spike’ keyboard is attached to an iPhone-customised case, and can be tucked away behind the screen when not in use.

Better yet, there’s no faffing about with Bluetooth or wires.

The Spike keyboard’s design matches that of the iPhone’s, so when you press a key, it applies the force to the handset’s touchscreen pad.

The product has already snagged a Consumer Electronics Association Show’s ‘Top 3 Most Innovative Products’ Award.

Want to make a donation? Visit the Kickstarter page here

Link: Daily Mail

Image: Spike