Kelly Brook becomes the face of the LG Optimus One

Budget Android smartphone gets model endorsement

Model Brook promotes LG Optimus One in fine style

Having announced last week that it has sold one million Optimus One handsets LG is back promoting the budget Android blower as model Kelly Brook becomes the face of the LG device.

Whilst using one of the most attractive and unobtainable women in the world to promote an affordable and accessible low-end smartphone might not be the best use of LG’s common sense factor, we at T3 are pleased with the announcement and the opportunity it gives us to include an image of the curvaceous Kelly Brook.

According to the official LG release: “With her hectic routine that demands staying in touch on the go, LG chose to partner with Kelly Brook as her lifestyle makes her an ideal ambassador for the LG Optimus One. The sleek and modern look of the handset also fits perfectly with Kelly’s glamorous image.”

“The LG Optimus One really is the perfect accessory – not only for its stylish looks but it also has loads of clever features that suit my lifestyle and let me find out just about everything. It allows me to stay in touch with my friends and family on the go, wherever I may be. I love being able to share my photos instantly and having recently joined Twitter the phone is also a great tool for tweeting to my fans.” proclaimed the Kent born model.

Does the endorsement of Kelly Brook tempt you into buying the LG Optimus One or simple offer a sexy addition to a sometimes stoic mobile market? Let us know what you think via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.