Karbon Kinetics' GoCycle G2R revealed

New driving modes and updated frame for electric bike

Karbon Kinetics’ GoCycle G2R electric bike is finally up for grabs as of November but at over £2,600, it will leave a gap whole in your wallet, and then some

GoCycle’s electric bike was a bit of a hit at T3 Towers, mist because it appealed to our love of getting into work on two wheels, all the while not having to pump the pedals too hard.

And now the company behind it, Karbon Kinetics, has confirmed that its much-vaunted successor, the GoCycle G2R, will be released in November. The electric bike has been given an overhaul, with a lighter frame, electronic shifting and hydraulic brakes.

There’s only one problem. The G2R will set you back €2,999 (£2,626). That’s one hell of a price, although it is cheaper than a yearly season ticket on the train.

GoCycle video

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