Justin.tv launches live streaming app for iPhone

Broadcast to the world from your Apple iPhone

Share your show on Twitter and Facebook

Justin.tv, the popular video streaming website has updated its iPhone app to allow users to live stream their broadcasts and share them with the world.

The site, mostly famous for its users hosting live streams of big sporting events (although that's lessened in recent years as content providers have become wise to the dodgy streams) is hoping to find a new niche as a mobile broadcast tool.

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Downloaders will be able to record video on the iPhone 4's 720p video camera and stream directly to the site. It'll also be easy to share links to your broadcast on Facebook and Twitter. So for example, if you want to make a big announcement to your friends and family at one time, just post a short URL and tell them all to tune in.

Any content you broadcast will be automatically saved to the Justin.tv website and you'll still have access to thousands of channels, meaning there's still a chance you can pick up a jittery stream of Manchester United vs Liverpool on Sunday.

Justin.tv 2.0 is free to download from the App Store right now. Get streaming!

Link: Justin.tv (via New York Times)