Justin Timberlake launches new look Myspace

Newest design hopes to bring sexy back to the social network

The newest version of Myspace has gone live to users, with a whole new look the social networking site has gone more music sharing and rather weirdly, less social

Myspace’s new layout has launched today, with owner Justin Timberlake splashed across the front page.

The newest version of the site is focussed mainly on music and once logged in (which you can do through a Facebook or Twitter account) offers an array of music users can add to their own ‘library’ for steaming over the internet.

Once the most popular social networking site around, Myspace lost its market share to Facebook however in 2011, with the hope of making the site popular, again pop-star Justin Timberlake purchased the site alongside brothers Tim and Chris Vanderhook.

Claiming “FREE unlimited music and videos,” the site hopes to give music lovers access to the newest songs and videos from artists, and for those who are more into creating their music gives them a platform to share their music.

Whether the redesign will bring MySpace back into the forefront of social networking remains to be seen.