Justin Bieber YouTube reign toppled by Rebecca Black

'Friday' singer's channel tops monthly most viewed chart

The much derided star grabs 112 million views

Before 10 February few were familiar with the now ubiquitous phrase “Gotta get down on Friday”, yet just over two months later Rebecca Black has toppled Justin Bieber with the most viewed channel on YouTube.

The 13 year old singer’s ode to the weekend grabbed half a million more hits than Bieber's channel on the video sharing website, topping the 112 million views mark on the way, according to the monthly most viewed chart on famecount.com.

When judged against his more mature competitors though, Bieber remains royalty on the video sharing website.

Lady Gaga held the third most popular channel with a comparably paltry 86 million monthly views, whilst the Black Eyed Peas and Jennifer Lopez ranked at fourth and fifth respectively with 78 million viewers each.

Black is currently said to be working on a new EP of material to follow-up what has been labelled ‘the worst song ever’ but even this may not be enough to keep her prestigious title.

The Californian teenager’s daily views are said to be on the slide, whilst she still has some way to beat Bieber’s 1.5 billion total views to date.

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Via: BBC