JustGiving launches Facebook Timeline widget to aid humanity

New JustGiving app allows Facebook users to share information of their donations

Making the most of the latest Facebook technology and its huge social reach, JustGiving aims to take donating to a new level via the social network

Charitable donation specialist JustGiving has unveiled a new Facebook application allowing users to share the news of their charitable donations and extend that warm helpful feeling.

Launched at Amsterdam’s The Next Web conference last week, the new app will make use of Facebook Timeline, the soon-to-be compulsory layout for all of Facebook’s 900 million users, by allowing people to add previous donations to their Timeline history, as well as enabling them to update their activity should they make any new donations.

The app also details both the causes and the charities supported by the user, as well as stating the total amount of money raised by the person.

JustGiving hopes that the app will significantly boost charitable donations amongst Facebook users, believing that many people are more likely to donate to a worthwhile cause should they see that their friends have done so.

The Product Manager of JustGiving, Jonathan Waddingham, spoke of the benefits that the company feel this technological advance will have, stating “we know that sharing drives donations – and by helping people to give a public display of recognition to their supporters, we predict this will help raise even more for worthy causes.”

With one in ten donors already using Facebook to share their donation, JustGiving predicts that the integration with Timeline will increase this number further, and it has the data to back up the fact that publicising donations through social networks can have an extremely positive outcome.

September 2011 saw JustGiving’s first attempt at combining donating with social networking come into effect, and since then, the strategy has already earned charities an additional £1 million in donations. Each viral share on Facebook alone raises on average an extra £5 to the fundraiser’s pot.

Certainly if this new integration with Timeline can replicate that success, then the amalgamation of social networking and donating looks to have a bright future, and JustGiving is proving that it is likely to be at the forefront of any future developments.

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