Joojoo tablet killed off

Early iPad-battler dropped after failing to sell by the bucketload

Makers Fusion Garage working on new hardware for 2011 though.

Remember the Joojoo tablet? The bargain slate that rose out of the ashes of the much-hyped CrunchPad? Well, its makers, Fusion Garage, have confirmed that it’s reached its “end of life” having singly failed to match up to the all-conquering might of the iPad.

The web only tablet was always destined to be a niche alternative, but the man behind it, Chandrashekar Rathakrishnan, has confirmed that his company will be unleashing new hardware next year, meaning a version of this iPad rival will survive in some form.

Rathakrishnan had previously torn into the iPad for offering “non-web” experiences and not being solely focused on web apps. Joojoo only ran the latter. And speaking to E27, he was still keen to suggest that web-based tablets would eventually win out.

“I think it’s very obvious with the advance of the iPad that while web remains probably the number one thing that we do with our devices, the lack of end-to-end connectivity means that there’s a need to have a hybrid, to have both a web and non-web experience. And that’s where we fell short with our product.”

For now though, the Joojoo, mired in controversy from the start, is no more, thanks in no small part to minimal sales. Did you buy one? Or are you happy to stick with Apple’s winning iPad formula? Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Via E27