John McAfee film rights bought

Warner Bros buys rights to John McAfee movie

The movie rights to John McAfee's extraordinary story have been bought by Warner Bros

In news that's probably more expected than HMV heading into administration, reports have surfaced that Hollywood has moved to turn John McAfee's absolutely insane life story into a film. According to a story on the Guardian's Tech Blog, Warner Bros have bought the movie rights to a Wired Magazine article entitled 'John McAfee's Last Stand' about the software engineer's life.

Last year, McAfee went on the run in Belize after he was sought by police in connection with the death of his neighbour, Gregory Faull, who was killed by a gunshot would to the head. McAfee stated on his blog that he was being framed by Belizian authorities for murder, for refusing to pay them $2 million in bribes.

After a series of increasingly bizarre blog entries - one of which detailed about how he kept and eye his house while disguised as a German tourist - he landed up in Guatemala before being deported to the United States. His blog states he's currently residing in Portland Oregon.

Source: The Guardian