John McAfee claims asylum in Guatemala

Software engineer on the run from Belize authorities

John McAfee, the software engineer on the run from Belize authorities, appears to have resurfaced in neighbouring Guatelmala

Another day, another chapter in the bizarre John McAfee story. The latest development in the ongoing saga starring the inventor of McAfee anti-virus software centres around a blog post he’s alleged to have written, claiming he’s escaped from Belize and is now in Guatemala.

Independent sources seem to verify this, with the latest news being that McAfee smuggled himself and his girlfriend across the border.

"I apologize for all of the misdirections over the past few days," the post reads. "It was not easy to exit Belize and required many supporters in many countries."

The blog post went up after a recent image of McAfee was published by online magazine Vice, which accidentally revealed his position in Guatemala.

The blogpost is just the latest in a flurry of stories about McAfee who, over the last weekend, was said to be have been apprehended by Belize authorities, then on on the run again – according to the Daily Mail – and then detained at the Mexco/Belize border.

Belize authorities have tagged McAfee as a ‘person of interest’ in connection with the death of his neighbour, Gregory Faull. Faull was found shot in the back of the head just days after he’d filed a complaint against McAfee about the software engineer’s bodyguards and guard dogs. McAfee has been on the run since then, claiming he’s been framed.