John McAfee blogs about running from police

Software designer John McAfee is blogging about evading Belize police

John McAfee has started blogging about his efforts to evade police who say they want to question him in connection with the death of his neighbour

John McAfee, the software engineer behind the creation of some of the first anti-virus ever made, has started blogging about his about his efforts to evade Belizean police. The 67-year-old businessman has described the experience as "extremely exhausting" but has vowed to keep one step ahead of the authorities until the truth about his neighbour's death has been uncovered.

McAfee has been wanted for questioning by authorities in Belize ever since a neighbour of his, Gregory Viant Faull, was found shot dead at his home on November 11th. Weeks before his death, Faull had filed a petition against McAfee, complaining about his security guards and that his "vicious dogs" had been attacking people.

Belizean authorities have named McAfee as "a person of interest" in the incident, although McAfee has vehemently denied any involvement, stating he's the victim of a frame-up orchestrated by the police. He says he's afraid that if he gives himself up he will be killed while in police custody.

Since going on the run, McAfee claims to have returned to his house in San Pedro while disguised as a street hawker and watched as police searched his property.