Jabra DRIVE speakerphone coming soon

Hands-free speakerphone with premium tech inside

Jabra are well known for their range of bluetooth headsets, here's one you don't even need to wear...

Jabra has announced it'll be releasing the Jabra DRIVE, an affordable Bluetooth speakerphone that the company hopes will win customers over with it's premium gadgetry under the hood.

Able to connect to two phones at the same time, the DRIVE also has an intelligent voice-guidance system which alerts the driver if the phone's battery is low or there's a problem with the Bluetooth connection. It also comes with large chunky buttons for easy of use and contains the same noise-cancellation kit that comes with their premium headsets.

The Jabra DRIVE is also a bit of a workhorse, offering 20hours of talk time and a rather impressive 30 days, yes days, of standby time as well, making sure it'll last even the longest of drives. There's no official release date as yet, but you can expect to pick the DRIVE up for £49.99.

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