iWork for iPhone detailed

iWork's Pages program touted in brand new leak

Syncing with iOS 4 and iWork.com all thrown in with forthcoming app.

The fact that the iPhone 4 is getting an iWork app has been common knowledge since Steve Jobs’ WWDC keynote heralded a leaked press shot showing the add-on in action. But now that single grab has been supplemented with a raft of new ones, showing just how iWork, and specifically Pages, works on the iPhone.

The screenshots, snaffled by 9to5mac, show that docs can be shared across your iPod touch, iPad and any other iPhone you have kicking about, so you can tickle docs on any iOS 4 device. There are also basic templates to scroll though and a simple editor for formatting your work.

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Like the desktop version of Pages, there’s also the chance to throw in shapes, media, tables and charts, livening up deathly dull presentations in a jiffy.

On top of that, you’ll be able to export your docs and even upload them to iWork.com, so you can access your iPhone 4 handiwork on a full-on computer as you see fit.

As for a release date and price, they remain as elusive as an Apple apology over antenna niggles. Expect this to be rocking up in the App Store soon though.

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Via 9to5mac