iWork '11 landing same day as Mac App Store?

Low stock suggest new suite coming in January

Productivity software finally coming with Mac App Store.

With the Mac App Store finally set to fling open its virtual doors on 6 January, natter about iWork ‘11’s arrival has unsurprisingly emerged. Sources had previously suggested the productivity suite would be coming alongside the new online emporium and now it looks that really could be the case.

See, stock of iWork ‘09 has run out, with one Apple store staffer telling 9to5mac that there’d be none forthcoming either and to wait for iWork '11 instead. Add-in the fact that the Apple Store’s search bar now autocompletes iWork ‘11 when you type in iWork and you can almost hear the rumour mill whirring.

To complete the gossip, it’s also been pointed out that iWork ‘09 debuted on 6 January 2009. Whatever happens, it’s expected that Numbers, Pages and Keynote will be available separately in the Mac App Store as well as a complete package.

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Via 9to5Mac