iTunes scam: only 400 accounts hit

Numbers affected minimal according to Apple

Guilty developer thrown out of App Store, but not only small percentage of users hit.

The recent iTunes scam which saw one developer’s apps take 42 of the top 50 spots in the App Store’s Books category, has affected only 400 people according to Apple.

Following an official statement explaining that developer Thuat Nguyen had used “fraudulent purchase patterns” to give his apps a boost, there were fears thousands had had their iTunes details, including banking credentials, stolen.

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However, Apple has told blogger Clayton Morris that only 400 people, 0.0003 per cent of users, were hit and that iTunes’ servers were not in themselves hacked. It appears Nguyen, who has since been chucked out of the App Store, was using people’s cards to make his apps soar.

Apple is advising anyone affected to change all their iTunes details and contact their bank sharpish. Are you one of the 400 affected? Tell us about it now on Twitter or Facebook.

Via Clayton Morris