iTunes Match Beta goes live

Developers get first taste of cloud-based music offering

$24.99 service up for grabs early for US-based devs.

iTunes Match, Apple’s soon-to-be-released music storage and streaming service, has just gone live for developers in the United States. Devs are set to get a free three months thrown in with their 12 month subscription, which costs $24.99.

In an email to developers, Apple warned beta testers to back up their music libraries in order to avoid any problems. “Apple will periodically reset your iCloud library during the beta and it is critical that you backup your music regularly. Some features and optimisations of iTunes Match will not be available during the beta."

iTunes Match scans and stores up to 25,000 songs from your iTunes library in the cloud, allowing you to download or stream them wherever you are on iOS-enabled devices, Mac or PC. It’s due to launch officially in the US next month, although a UK date has not been revealed.

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Via MacRumors