iTunes launches in Russia

The Apple iTunes Store opens in Russia and most of Asia

The Apple iTunes Store has opened in Russia, South Africa, Turkey, India and most of Asia

Apple has announced its iTunes music and applications Store will debut in Russia and 55 other countries. This brings the iTunes store count up to 119 nations in total. Among the list of new countries with access to iTunes are nations such as South Africa, Turkey and India. The news follows last week’s release of Apple’s iTunes 11.

This means that customers in those countries now have access to the bulk of the music and apps offered in the iTunes Store, along with a list of local and international artists tailored to each new country’s audience.

Consumers will also gain access to Apple’s iTunes Match service, enabling them to download and stream media from any Apple device and back up their media library to the cloud.

The move marks an interesting step for Apple, who had previously avoided releasing iTunes in Russia and several other nations because of concerns about piracy. Russia, in particular, is on the Intellectual Property Alliance’s ‘priority watch list’ due to the levels of piracy running rampant in the country.