iTunes in the Cloud up and running in UK

Music and movies now available to snag via iCloud service

Apple’s iTunes in the Cloud hits UK, just hours after US punters get a first taste of Cupertino’s clever new, cloud-based offering. But will you be using it to access old movies, flicks and books?

iTunes in the Cloud has finally landed on UK shores. The new service, which forms part of Apple’s wider iCloud offering, had initially been made available in the US first, but now users here and in Australia and Canada can play nice with the service.

A way of accessing previously downloaded content, iTunes in the Cloud means you’ll never need to worry about deleting a movie, TV show, song or book from iTunes again. Just hit the iCloud icon to re-download anything you’ve previously bought, as it’s been stashed on Apple’s own servers.

Sadly, iTunes Match, the service which lets you store your entire iTunes library using iCloud for a fee, remains US only. However, Apple last week confirmed that it’d be outing the service by the end of the year here in Blighty.

Started using iTunes in the Cloud yet? How are you finding it? Be sure to let us know in the comments section now.

Via iPodNN