iTunes 11 launch imminent

Retina Display-happy music software is incoming

Apple's slightly delayed iTunes 11 could now be making a grand entrance in just a couple of weeks along with its graphically-focused interface and complete revamp

The new iTunes is expected to be released in the next few days after being delayed at the end of last month. iTunes 11 is set to feature larger images and have a completely new layout.

Thanks to a recently leaked e-mail posted on the MacRumours forum, the new iTunes release looks set to be image-focused which will make it even more Retina Display-happy.

Apple are asking record labels to send pictures and galleries of their artists to iTunes for use in iTunes 11, requesting the images to be of a much higher resolution than before.

The e-mail came from German music distribution service, Feiyr, the “middle-man” company between labels and digital retailers such as iTunes, Amazon and Vodafone.

iTunes on the iPad has also recently received a new update with the tablet store getting a graphics-heavy interface that may play merry hell with your WiFi but looks much more visually pleasing than the last version.

Source: MacRumours