Is this Nikon's Android Coolpix camera?

Image emerges of what's claimed to be Nikon's new Android-toting snapper - but is it true?

The rumoured Nikon Android Coolpix might just exist after all, with several leaked images apparently showcasing the new camera

While there aren’t many details given, the pictures show off the touchscreen back panel and an Android OS that looks very Gingerbread. We can also see a 4.5mm-54mm lens with 12xoptical zoom.

The camera is rumoured to be named the Nikon Coolpix S800c, and will be the first officially-released compact with a mainstream OS.

The blog that leaked the images claims the camera’s officially announcement will “be on or around August 22”, meaning it could land as early as tomorrow.

Though the Android Nikon is a leap forward, it’s not the first camera to come packing Android. Polaroid showed off its own Android camera at CES earlier this year, though it hasn’t been distributed worldwide.

Via Nikon Rumors