Is HTC readying the first 7-inch Windows RT tablet?

Rumour says HTC planning two Windows RT tabs for 2013

HTC could be working on two new Windows RT tablets for 2013, with one set to be the first 7-inch Windows offering on the market

According to a report in Bloomberg, HTC is readying two new Windows RT tablets for a debut next year. One of them is to be a larger, 12-inch tablet while the other is apparently a smaller, 7-inch tablet.

This would be the first 7-inch device to run Microsoft's OS and would compete with other popular 7-inch tablets like the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and the Apple iPad mini.

While the sources weren't forthcoming with any internal specs, they did say the tablets would run on a Qualcomm chip and should appear by late summer 2013.

HTC was said to have considered a full Windows 8 tablet running on an Intel chip, but ultimately decided the costs involved were too high and would have to charge $1,000 to make a profit.

Next year should be a bumper year for Microsoft's new operating system, with Nokia apparently working on a tablet of it's own.

Via: Bloomberg