iPotty gadget lets toddlers play on iPad during toilet training

CTA digital makes using a tablet child's play with bizarre iPad accessory

Most definitely one of the bizarre releases of CES 2013, the iPotty allows toddlers to continue playing iPad games whilst toilet training… game of Angry Turds, anyone?

CTA digital has unveiled a bizarre iPad accesory at this year’s CES; the iPotty for iPad.

Priced at $39.99 (around £25), the iPotty for iPad is designed to help encourage reluctant children to ‘go potty’ by keeping them entertained whilst they answer their calls of nature.

The manufacturers hope the iPotty will help keep children on the potty whilst they watch videos or play some games on the device and although they haven’t designed a specific app, a quick look at the apple app store shows plenty of available options for rewarding children during potty training.

With a built in splash-guard (thank God!), the iPotty is designed to keep the iPad as safe as possible, and a removable seat cover allows it to double up as a conventional chair.

CTA product specialist, Camilo Gallardo, said: “It’s novel to a lot of people, but we’ve gotten great feedback from parents who think it’d be great for training.”

The company is said to be examining the possibility of making attachments for other tablets on the market, however we can’t help but feel they’ve missed a marketing trick by not making an accessory the Nintendo Wii.

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