iPod Touch 4G jailbreak close to release

Developers hard at work to unleash the latest jailbreak

Apple will not be happy after seeing that the iPod Touch 4G has been jailbroken

The brand spanking new iPod Touch 4G has been jailbroken and is in fact coming to the public domain, thats according to Dev-Team Blog at least, and they even have a video to back it up.

The previous Jailbreak software came from jailbreakme.com but that was closed down. It now appears however as though a new 'exploit' has been created which will allow you to add loads of cool features and tweaks to Apple's uber-PMP. Of course by jailbreaking your iPod Touch 4G you're not only voiding the warranty it's also against the law, but of course that hasn't stopped the teeming hordes of Apple fans that just want that little bit extra from their coveted device.

Called 'SHAtter' the exploit doesn't yet have a means of delivery to the public, or 'payload' so for the moment its strictly in the hands of those that made it, however there is a YouTube video that confirms just what the exploit is capable of, such as adjusting the information bar at the top of the screen.

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Link: Dev-Team Blog