iPhones account for almost 45 per cent of UK 3G usage

Apple takes a big bite of data

With Apple recently announcing FaceTime over 3G thanks to iOS 6 this figure is almost certainly expected to rise for both the iPhone and the iPad

Despite holding a market share of only 20 per cent a study has shown that iPhone users are responsible for 45 per cent of all 3G traffic in the UK.

While the continuing cries for 4G coverage in the UK gets increasingly louder it has been revealed that phone networks are still sinking profits into 3G in an attempt to keep iPhone users online.

Analysts Ericsson conducted the study which found that Apple’s phones were the biggest culprit but Android users were not far behind accounting for 30 per cent of all traffic.

The average iPhone and Android owners consume 350MB of data every month.

America has recently seen the introduction of 4G or ‘LTE’ coverage which provides a speedier service with less data limits. As a result Apple has introduced this technology into the new iPad but networks do not yet know if it will be implemented into the much-anticipated iPhone 5.

An interesting proposition will be if the cagey Cupertino company opts for 4G on the iPhone 5 thus showing a fairly large leap of faith in a new technology. This could in turn then be the deciding factor for the mobile networks.