iPhone4 JailbreakMe 2.0 app goes live in the UK

First jailbreak for iOS 4 devices opens its doors

iPhone 4 jailbreak comes after US court 'lawful' verdict

iPhone 4 users will be able to jailbreak their handsets to run apps and programmes, not approved by Apple, following the launch of the Jailbreak Me 2.0 web-based application.

The app, which is downloaded and installed, not via the App Store, but through the iPhone 4's Safari browser, ends the long wait for a means of unlocking the new handset.

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The launch of the service comes just days after a US court ruled that jailbreaking - essentially unlocking it and removing Apple's vice like grip over what can be installed on the device - is lawful, despite a legal challenge from Apple.

The app, developed by "comex et al" not only works with the iPhone 4, but any device using the iOS4 operating system, so iPhone 3GS and iPod touch models are also good to go.

There are reports of iPhone users who have downloaded the jailbreak, losing services such as FaceTime and MMS messaging, while an Apple statement last week continued to warn that tampering with the device would invalidate the warranty.

Link: Apple (via BBC)