iPhone to lose Google Maps?

Apple buys 3D mapping company

Apple once again sparks rumours that it could be trying to replace Google Maps with its own software

According to a French-Canadian news site Apple has bought Poly9, a 3D web-based mapping company, closing down it's main office and moving some of its staff to California.

Poly9 is the second acquisition of a mapping based company that Apple has made in the past two years, once again sparking rumours that perhaps Apple is looking to replace its partnership with Google, instead opting for an in-house mapping program.


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The Canadian company's main product is Poly9 Globe, a web based application that allows users to view a 3D rendered image of the world, much like Google Earth, however, unlike Google Earth this application does not require any downloads.

The reports have stemmed from an article published by Canadian news website cyberpresse.ca, in which the website claims that Apple purchased the company "recently" although the exact date is not known. The company has worked with Apple in the past, along with Microsoft, Yahoo and NORAD.

Last November Apple posted a jobs listing looking for someone to take Maps "to the next level" and to "rethink how users use Maps and change the way people find things.", as it stands all these factors could point towards the possibility the rumors are true.

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Link: cyberpresse (via AppleInsider)