iPhone 4S sales cease in China after scuffles break out

iPhone 4S pulled after egg-throwing

Apple has suspended all sales of its iPhones in its five Apple Stores in China after unrest outside its Store in Beijing

Apple's iPhone releases are always pretty chaotic affairs, but after the launch of the iPhone 4S in China, Apple fans outside the company's Beijing store turned violent, causing the company to temporarily pull the 4S from sale altogether.

Police reportedly ordered the Apple Store to remain closed after identifying teams of migrant workers in the crowd, who had been bused in to Beijing to buy iPhones for unscrupulous third party sellers who would then sell the phones on at hugely inflated prices. When the Apple Store failed to open, the crowd of 1000 people grew restive and started to bombard the shop with eggs.

Most furious of all were the migrant workers being paid to pick up iPhone 4Ss for resale. They had each reportedly been promised around $16 to queue outside the Apple Store overnight and pick up a handset, but with the Store closed and the iPhones withheld, their organisers wouldn't be paying them anything more than a tiny food allowance.

Apple haven't commented on when the 4S will be back on sale in its Chinese Stores, but in the meantime, the handset is still available from the company's online shop and independent retailers. Launches at Apple's four other Chinese Stores reportedly went without a hitch.

Source: New York Times