iPhone owners are more brand loyal, survey finds

UBS investment bank research reveals consumer loyalty to Apple

Apple iPhone owners are more loyal than HTC, BlackBerry and Samsung fans according to new survey commissioned by investment bank. Is Android losing its allure?

A whopping 89 per cent of iPhone owners say they’ll stick with Apple when it comes to updating their phone, new research in the States commissioned by the bank UBS has revealed.

The report, which spoke with 515 smartphone users, claims that the iPhone is more “sticky” than devices sold by the likes of HTC, Samsung and RIM. Only 39 per cent of HTC owners said they’d buy another phone made by the Taiwanese tech titan, while 33 per cent of BlackBerry owners said they’d stay with RIM.

Samsung, Motorola and Nokia all scored badly, with 28, 25 and 24 per cent respectively. The news will please Apple as it prepares for the iPhone 5 release, with millions of iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 owners desperate to make the switch.

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Via: Barrons