iPhone iPap photo app earns cash for celebrity stalkers

The iPhone app to turn you into the paparazzi

iPhone cameras at the ready... you never know when the next Z-Lister is coming around the corner.

Celebrity photography agency ISO Images has launched an app for iPhone to enable regular folk to earn a few quid by taking a quick snap of celebrities they spot around town.

The free iPap app enables users to immediately ping the candid snap to ISO, who has promised to pay-out 50 per cent of the proceeds they receive from selling the snaps on to tabloid newspapers and low-rent celebrity gossip magazines.

So if you spot happen to spot a WAG or anyone from Big Brother or X-Factor looking particularly skinny/fat or stumbling out of a club at 3am you could be onto a nice little earner. Remember, no upskirt shots though!

The 50 per cent claim is interesting. Back in our press agency days, we used to buy photos from the public for £50 and sell them on to the newspapers for thousands. My, how the times have changed.

Link: iPap for iPhone